Automatic cleaning of swimming pools

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    Automatic cleaning robot 8Streme 7310
    Ref. 119475

    • Clean up pools 10 x 5 m.
    • Valid for all types of coatings.
    • Wide cleaning width of 50 cm.
    • Clean funds, walls and water line.

    Price 495.00
      Limpiafondos de batería GRE RBR120
      Ref. RBR120

      • Lightweight and easy to use.
      • Works in raised and buried pools,
      • Ideal for swimming pools up to 12 x 5 m .
      • Range of 120 min.
      • Includes hook.

      Price 385.00
      • Online only
      Wybot E-TRON C20 pool cleaner
      Ref. W3092

      • For private swimming pools up to 12 x 6 m .
      • Controlled by App.
      • 3 cleaning cycles.
      • Clean the bottom, walls and waterline.

      Price 878.00
      • Online only
      Wybot E-TRON i20 battery pool cleaner
      Ref. W3312

      • Battery operation, without wires.
      • Control by mobile app.
      • Long-lasting battery.
      • Valid for swimming pools up to 12 x 6 mts.

      Price 549.00
      • Online only
      Automatic cleaning robot PQS LP 75
      Ref. 896846

      • For swimming pools up to 12 m. long.
      • Working depth up to 3 m.
      • 3 work cycles.
      • 2 engines.

      Price 529.00
      • Online only
      BWT Cosmy 250 pool cleaner robot.
      Ref. 22205

      • Clean the walls and floating line.
      • For swimming pools of up to 12 mts.
      Intelligent navigation with giroscope.
      Extraction of the filter from the top.

      Price 760.00
      Electrical robot dolphin Active Classic
      Ref. 500905

      The Active classic provides highly efficient pool cleaning for pools up to 12 meters (40 feet) in length . Advanced systems ensure precise scanning for consistent coverage of the floor, walls and waterline, leaving the water clean and hygienic at all times.

      Price 1,199.00
        Dolphin E10 automatic pool cleaner
        Ref. 11911

        The Dolphin E 10 is the pool cleaner of your dreams at a comfortable and affordable price. This small, lightweight pool cleaner is ideal for all types of small pools, including above ground pools.

        Price 699.00
        Dolphin pool cleaner handle support
        Ref. 9985064

        Replacement handle support valid for Dolphin pool cleaners (Ref.9985064):

        Price 6.90
        Limpiafondos automatico E20 de Dolphin
        Ref. 11912

        Electric pool cleaner E20 of the Dolphin brand. The E20 pool cleaner is designed for pools up to 10 meters, including in-ground pools.

        Price 845.00
        Limpiafondos automático PoolStyle de Dolphin
        Ref. 99996147

        Dolphin PoolStyle Plus automatic pool cleaner for cleaning the bottom, walls and waterline for pools up to 10 x 5 meters. The PoolStyle pool cleaner is the ideal pool cleaner for pools of up to 10 meters in length, whether they are elevated or buried or with rigid walls, you will not have any type of problem.

        Price 825.00
        • On sale!
        Limpiafondos Eléctrico RT 3200 de Zodiac
        Ref. WR000126

        Zodiac OT 3200 Tornax electric pool cleaner robot. Reference WR000126.

        Ideal for pools up to 10 x 5 m.

        If you need more information about the product, contact us HERE.

        Price 620.00

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