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Brush 48 cm. with adjustable handle Blue Line
Ref. 69656

Mango adjustable in 3 positions.
• Size of 48 cm.
• Made in anti-corrosive plastic materials.
• Connect to bar by clips.

Price 12.00
25 cm straight brush with stainless steel locks
Ref. 07009

25 cm straight brush. with stainless steel bristles it is the ideal to be able to remove those algae that stick to the bottom of your pool.

Price 11.23
Cepillo for Esquinas with aspiration. Starpool
Ref. 90108

Corner brush with suction: specially designed for corners, it incorporates a practical connection to the suction hose.

Price 7.20
Cepillo curvo
Ref. 01404

Brush with wing nut connection for pool bottom. Made of white ABS with a black brush.

Price 23.89
copy of Cepillo de fondo Starpool
Ref. 90128

Starpool curved brush with steel bristles. Ideal for cleaning encrusted walls and bottom of your pool.

Price 21.30
Cepillo de fondo Starpool
Ref. 90125

Starpool curved brush with polypropylene bristles. Ideal for cleaning the walls and bottom of your pool.

Price 13.00
Multipurpose sponge with handle.
Ref. 53891

Multipurpose sponge with handle, especially indicated for cleaning edges.

Price 1.82
Extra wide GRE suction brush.
Ref. 40802

Large width vacuum brush GRE. Ref. 40802.

• Suction width of 51 cm.

• Can be used with 32 or 38 mm hose.

• "Clip" type handle connection.

Price 16.46
Curved brush 45 cm. Moth fixing. QP
Ref. 500308CP

45 cm curved brush. Fixation with wing nuts. QP brand.

• Made of polymers.

• Length of 45.72 cm.

• Curved ends.

Price 7.99
Pool'Gom XL cleaning rubber. Toucan.
Ref. PGXL20

• Great multi-surface magic rubber.

• Made of material that hardens in water and acts like a school eraser.

• Effective against stains and embedded dirt on walls and backgrounds.

• Variable rubber position.

• Connection to handle by means of clips.

Price 26.00
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