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    Active filters
      Ventilator cap pumps Saci Winner is 150-200-300
      Ref. 92500116

      • Replacement fan cap for Winner pumps.
      • For pumps of 1.50 to 3.00 HP
      • Manufactured from injected black thermoplastic.
      • Original SACI replacement.

      Price 13.00
        Tory joint prefilter cap Kripsol Ondina is OK
        Ref. RPUM0003.01R

        • O-ring cap prefilter pumps Kripsol The Ondine.
        • Ensures tightness of the closure.
        • High chemical resistance.

        Price 8.50
          Screw drains pumps Kripsol-Hayward
          Ref. RPUM0007.00R

          • Screw purge/drain pumps Kripsol and Hayward.
          • Made from black thermoplastic material.
          • Includes seal.

          Price 3.50
            Turca tapa filtros y bombas. Astralpool.
            Ref. 4404180102

            • Fixing nut for filter caps and pumps Astralpool
            • Made of black injected thermoplastic.

            Price 15.05
              Cover and nut for the pre-filter of the PP 200-150-100 pump
              Ref. PP02P

              Replacement cap and nuts for the PP200-150 or 100 pre-filter pump Gre.

              Price 18.60
                Tapa prefiltro Bombas Hayward K-Flo y KSX Pro
                Ref. RPUM0002.10R

                • Cover and seal kit.
                • Transparent polycarbonate.
                • Original replacement Hayward.

                Price 44.38
                PS Bravia pump pre-filter basket 0.75-1.00 HP. Old model.
                Ref. 512554C80-OLD

                Made in high resistance white PE.
                • For 0.75 and 1.00 HP pumps.

                Price 20.85
                  Fiji pump pre-filter cover.
                  Ref. 4405010000

                  •Replacement cap for Fiji pump prefilters.
                  •Made of transparent polycarbonate.
                  •It includes a tare joint.

                  Price 35.00
                    Cuerpo de bomba para Bombas ESPA.
                    Ref. 133346

                    •Pump body replacement Espa (see models in description).
                    •Manufactured in thermoplastic material injected with FV load.
                    •Transparent polycarbonate lid.
                    •Cover closure via separate thread.

                    Price 69.58
                      Manometro 1/8" 3 kg/cm Filtro aster
                      Ref. 4405010437

                      Replacement of the O-ring for the cover of the pre-filter of the Astralpool Sena, Alaska and Compact pump.

                      Price 12.71
                      Manometro 1/8" 3 kg/cm Filtro aster
                      Ref. 4405011215

                      Replacement of the pre-filter closure for the Astralpool Alaska pump.

                      Price 23.14
                      Manometro 1/8" 3 kg/cm Filtro aster
                      Ref. 4405010413

                      Spare part of the impeller for the Alaska 0.33 HP 50 HZ pump from Astralpool.

                      Price 66.05
                      Manometro 1/8" 3 kg/cm Filtro aster
                      Ref. 4405010439

                      Replacement of the diffuser O-ring for Alaska and Sena pumps from Astralpool. (D.38x5) for the Alaska pump

                      Price 3.29
                      Manometro 1/8" 3 kg/cm Filtro aster
                      Ref. 4405010411

                      Spare diffuser for Astralpool pool pumps Alaska and Sena models.

                      Price 13.09
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