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    Limpiafondos de batería GRE RBR120
    Ref. RBR120

    • Lightweight and easy to use.
    • Works in raised and buried pools,
    • Ideal for swimming pools up to 12 x 5 m .
    • Range of 120 min.
    • Includes hook.

    Price 385.00
    • Online only
    Wybot E-TRON C20 pool cleaner
    Ref. W3092

    • For private swimming pools up to 12 x 6 m .
    • Controlled by App.
    • 3 cleaning cycles.
    • Clean the bottom, walls and waterline.

    Price 878.00
    • Online only
    Wybot E-TRON i20 battery pool cleaner
    Ref. W3312

    • Battery operation, without wires.
    • Control by mobile app.
    • Long-lasting battery.
    • Valid for swimming pools up to 12 x 6 mts.

    Price 549.00
    • Online only
    Automatic cleaning robot PQS LP 75
    Ref. 896846

    • For swimming pools up to 12 m. long.
    • Working depth up to 3 m.
    • 3 work cycles.
    • 2 engines.

    Price 529.00
    • Online only
    BWT Cosmy 250 pool cleaner robot.
    Ref. 22205

    • Clean the walls and floating line.
    • For swimming pools of up to 12 mts.
    Intelligent navigation with giroscope.
    Extraction of the filter from the top.

    Price 760.00
      Zodiac T5 Automatic cleaning Duo for pool
      Ref. W78046

      - Automatic Zodiac T5 cleaners with hydraulic operation for the cleaning of the background and walls of buried and dismountable pools with rigid walls up to 12 x 6 by m.

      - With the new T5 Duo, the cleaning of the pool becomes an easy and fast task.

      - Easy to install, it connects directly to the suction cup or to the skimmer.

      - Hydraulic cleaning of operation with the most advanced diaphragm of the market.

      - Minimum recommended power for pump: 3⁄4 hp.

      Price 295.00
      • On sale!
      Zodiac MX8 automatic pool cleaner
      Ref. W70668

      Are you looking for an effective and reliable cleaner? Look no more than the Zodiac MX8. This high-end cleaner is perfect for up-to-end pools 12 x 6 m and has a high performance hydraulic operation. The MX8 connects directly to the suction entrance of your pool, so it is not necessary to make an electrical connection or install an additional pump. In addition, with its Turbo aspiration system, consisting of two vacuum propellers and a powerful suction turbine, the MX8 can clean all areas of your pool quickly and easily. And with the X-Drive navigation system, you can be sure that your pool will be cleaned thoroughly from top to bottom.

      Required minimum filter pump power: 3⁄4 hp.

      Price 399.00
        T5 Duo limpiafondos hidráulico para piscinas
        Ref. W70674

        - The Zodiac T3 is the access model to the range of Zodiac hydraulic pool cleaners, a specialist manufacturer of this type of pool cleaning equipment.
        - Ideal for cleaning the bottom of small pools (in-ground and removable pools with rigid walls up to 9 x 5 m).
        - Easy to install.

        Price 229.00
        Silence VAC 90397
        Ref. 90397

        Automatic pool cleaner quieter than traditional “hammer” systems. Its membrane system allows you to guarantee optimal and quieter performance. It cleans the bottom and walls of your pool.

        Price 159.90
          Small Confort AR20682 Microphones Gre
          Ref. AR20682

          Automatic suction pool cleaner. It connects directly to the skimmer and is compatible with pumps from 1/3 CV. Includes 6 m hose. (in 8 sections).

          Price 73.89
          Wiki Vac 90399 of Gre
          Ref. 90399

          Automatic pool cleaner for self-supporting and elevated pools. It works with low power filtration equipment: from 3 m³/h (0.1hp). It has an exclusive pre-filter that protects the cartridge and the filtration, thus increasing the life of the equipment.

          Price 85.49
            Classic Vac 19001 Gre
            Ref. 19001

            Automatic pool cleaner for in-ground and above-ground pools equipped with filtration equipment with a pump with a minimum power of 3/4 hp.

            Price 93.59

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