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Material filtración.

Active filters
    Cartridge filter cap AstralPool.
    Ref. 4404130102

    • Made from transparent polycarbonate.
    • Includes toric seal and purge screw.
    • 100% original replacement AstralPool.

    Price 44.00
      Ventilator cap pumps Saci Winner is 150-200-300
      Ref. 92500116

      • Replacement fan cap for Winner pumps.
      • For pumps of 1.50 to 3.00 HP
      • Manufactured from injected black thermoplastic.
      • Original SACI replacement.

      Price 13.00
        Tory joint prefilter cap Kripsol Ondina is OK
        Ref. RPUM0003.01R

        • O-ring cap prefilter pumps Kripsol The Ondine.
        • Ensures tightness of the closure.
        • High chemical resistance.

        Price 8.50
          Kit Racord Link one and a half" Hayward.
          Ref. RRFI0005.20R

          1½" Racord Link Kit for filters from January 2019 Hayward

          Price 61.71
          Black D.220 cover for Astralpool filters.
          Ref. 4404160847

          • Black thermoplastic cap for the Ice Astralpool filter.
          • Includes toric joint.
          • 100% original replacement Astralpool .

          Price 29.00
            Key cap filters Coral/QP
            Ref. 01012074

            • Key for opening and closing filter cap.
            • Made of thermoplastic material.
            • Original replacement Coral.

            Price 14.96
              Screw drains pumps Kripsol-Hayward
              Ref. RPUM0007.00R

              • Screw purge/drain pumps Kripsol and Hayward.
              • Made from black thermoplastic material.
              • Includes seal.

              Price 3.50
                Turca tapa filtros y bombas. Astralpool.
                Ref. 4404180102

                • Fixing nut for filter caps and pumps Astralpool
                • Made of black injected thermoplastic.

                Price 15.05
                  Collector arm 1" - 225 MM.
                  Ref. 06435

                  -Collecting arms or crepes AstralPool of 1" for sand pool filters. The caliber of the groove is 0.3 mm.

                  Price 2.59
                    Cover and nut for the pre-filter of the PP 200-150-100 pump
                    Ref. PP02P

                    Replacement cap and nuts for the PP200-150 or 100 pre-filter pump Gre.

                    Price 18.60
                      GRE 5-way selector valve
                      Ref. VALVULA5V

                      Replacement selector valve of the make Gre five-way. Reference is 1020355.

                      Price 63.00
                        Tapa prefiltro Bombas Hayward K-Flo y KSX Pro
                        Ref. RPUM0002.10R

                        • Cover and seal kit.
                        • Transparent polycarbonate.
                        • Original replacement Hayward.

                        Price 44.38
                          Collector arm 3⁄4" - 225 mm. AstralPoolThe.The Kit 2 uds.
                          Ref. 4404300712

                          Made in PVC colour.
                          • Rosked connection of 3⁄4.”.
                          • Length: 225 mm.
                          • It is supplied in Kit of 2 uds.

                          Price 7.48
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