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Luxe Astralpool non-slip tread covers.
Ref. 4401010108

• Pack of 4 units.
• Made of black plastic material.
• Surface with non-slip design.

Price 14.50
Stairs screw kit 316 Astralpool stairs.
Ref. 4401010111

Kit of 6 turns, tuercas and arandelas.
Made in Stainless Steel AISI-316.
100% original response AstralPool.

Price 21.00
Kit 4 tapes for deckener.
Ref. 87197041

Kit of 4 tapes for roller covers.

• 30 mm black polypropylene tape. Wide.

• Includes clamp and fixing plug.

• Total length 145 cm.

Price 15.61
ABS plastic pellet for staircase steel Flexinox
Ref. 87100137

REF: 87100137 For stairs for elevated or semi-elevated stainless steel pools with a Ø 43 mm tube.

Price 16.94
Joint top for stainless steel staircase.
Ref. 87100889

Articulated stopper for stainless steel stairs with a diameter of 43 mm.

Price 15.00
Joint anchor with astral fold
Ref. 08727

Articulated plate anchor made of brightly polished AISI-304 stainless steel for stairs with Ø 43 mm tube.

Price 152.00
Detachable anchor with astral fold
Ref. 07331

Removable anchor with plate made of brightly polished AISI-316 stainless steel for Ø 43 mm tube, with elastic joints, plugs and screws.

Price 100.00
Joint anchor without astral folding
Ref. 00043

Articulated anchor without plate made of AISI-304 stainless steel with a bright polish for tube ladder Ø 43 mm.

Price 149.00
Astralpool safety cloth with double non-slip surface.
Ref. 70662

According to the European standard EN 13451-2. It is made of AISI-316 stainless steel with a bright polished finish. For all models of ladders for inground pools.

Price 169.30
Tapeta antideslizante escalera Flexinos.
Ref. 87100110

Piece of non-slip black plastic material for Flexinox stairs.

Price 7.87
Flexinox bridge ladder platform 87100194
Ref. 87100194

Replacement of the platform for the Flexinox Bridge model ladder.

Price 40.54
Luxe 316 step for pool ladder by AstralPool
Ref. 4401010104

Spare step model Luxe 316 for AstralPool swimming pool ladder. Reference: 4401010104.

Price 54.99

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