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Chlorilong Classic, chlorine Bayrol tablets, five kilos. This is for you.
Ref. 7536154

• 250 g tablets. of slow dissolution.
• Does not leave residues in the water.
• Silk Effect formula for increased bathing comfort.
• UV stabilized product.
• Supplied in packs of 5 kg.

Price 39.90
Automatic 5-effect chlorine dispenser QUIMICAMP Maintenance
Ref. 201111Q

• Ease and comfort of use.
• Suitable for swimming pools without scrubbers.
• Avoid algae and bacteria, clarify water.
• Product weight: 2 kg.

Price 22.99
Chlorifix Compact Bayrol. 1.2kg.
Ref. 7533614

• High-quality granulated product with no dust residue.
• Presented in pre-dosed bags.
• Quick and complete dissolution.
• Does not alter the pH of the water.
• It leaves no residue.
• UV-stabilized product.

Price 12.91
Cloro granulado SOS choque, BAYROL.
Ref. 7533107

• Immediate action against algae.
• Supplied in 1 kg bottles.
• Special for small swimming pools and spas.
• For all types of filters.

Price 12.95
Chlorine five shares, pills 20 g. One kilo. PQS Hypool
Ref. 167522A

• Chlorine 5 action tablets of 20 g.
• Slow dissolution.
• Chlorine content > 86%

Price 12.90
Chlorine granulated 3-action shock effect Tamar
Ref. 1105021050

Product in granular form with 3 effects: chlorine, anti-algae and flocculant. It is ideal for busy swimming pools due to its shock effect.

Price 29.95
Chlorine tablets 10 actions Tamar other
Ref. 1205106050

Chlorine multifunctional in 200 g tablets with 10 actions such as disinfectant, bactericide, algaicide, flocculant, brightener, pH regulator, anti-bacterial, bacteriostatic, clarifying stabilizer. This product is ideal for the complete treatment of your pool water.

Price 36.00
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Chlorine 5 acts T-250 g. PQS
Ref. 1705

5 tablets of 250 g.slow dissolution.
• Desinfectant, stabilizer, algicide, antihongos and floculant.
• Supply in packages of 5 kg.

Price 30.00
Cloro AstralPool Multi Action 10 Plus, tabletas 250 g.
Ref. 75158

• Multiaction tablets AstralPool of 250 g.
• 10 actions, for a complete treatment.
• Non-comburant product.
• Supply in package of 5 kg.

Price 34.50
Chlorine is slowly dissolved. TamarThe. 5 Kg.
Ref. 1205050050

• Slow dissolving granulated chlorine.
• High concentration for greater disinfection.
Ideal for the daily maintenance of the pool.
• Supply in packages of 5 kg.

Price 29.95
Chlorine tablets full maintenance, Polyester/Liner. TamarThe. 5 Kg.
Ref. 1105072050

Product for full maintenance in tablets of 200 g.
• Suitable for the maintenance of polyester or liner pools.
• Supply in packages of 5 kg.

Price 32.29
Granulated shock chlorine, quick action. 2.5 Kgs.
Ref. 1205010025

Chlorine in fast action grain.
Ideal for the first treatment of the season.
• Suitable for the recovery of deteriorated or turbial waters.
• Supply in packages of 2.5 Kgs.

Price 15.00
Pack of 2 chlorine tablets 5 shares 5 Kg c/u
Ref. 16423X2

Pack of 2 cubes of 5 Kilos each chlorine five actions on tablets. Ideal for the proper maintenance of your pool for its disinfectant, bactericidal, stabilizing, smooth and flocquering effect.

Price 65.00
Chemiclor PS 5 Effects, 250 grs tablets. 5 Kg. QUIMICAMP
Ref. 201805

Quimiclor 5 actions, tablets 250 g.

5 kg container.

CHEMICALAMP. Disinfectant, Algaecide, Flocculant, Anti-limescale, pH maintainer. Complete treatment for pools with very hard or difficult water.

Price 28.00

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