Anti-algae for swimming pools at the best price


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      Desalgin® liquid algicida 3 L. Bayrol
      Ref. 7541147

      • Long-term preventive action against algae.
      • Clarifying effect.
      • It does not contain heavy metals.
      • It doesn't damage the coatings.
      • Provided in 3 L container.

      Price 20.00
        Specific algaecide 1 L. Quimicamp Solutions.
        Ref. QS0201

        • High concentration
        • Excellent lethal force.
        • Special for hardy black algae.

        Price 9.50
        Algicide Quimicamp Catalyst PS 20 L.
        Ref. 200120

        • High concentration of active matter.
        • Bactericidal, algicidal and fungicidal functions.
        • Supplied in 20L containers.

        Price 73.21
        Anti-Cary Alguid AstralPool for salt chlorers.5 L.
        Ref. 40926

        • Quick action algicide for swimming pools with salt chlorers
        • Effective to prevent and eliminate algae.
        • Avoid the formation of calcare deposits.
        • Untouched product.

        Price 32.50
        Super Algicida No Sparkling Crystalcare 2-liter container.
        Ref. 19148

        • Algicida, concentrated bactericidal.
        • Clarifying and coagulating power.
        • Compatible with saline electrolysis equipment.
        • Suitable for liner and polyester pools.
        • High compatibility with other chemicals.
        • It doesn't foam.

        Price 11.88
          Algiklean, Special Algicida for saline electrolysis. 1.1 Kg.
          Ref. 200044

          Double action product. Algaecide and brightener compatible and ideal for reinforcing "salt electrolysis" equipment. PM-634. Ref. 200044

          Price 15.00
            Algiblack, remove black algae and brown 1 L.
            Ref. 200016

            Quickly removes all types of algae that appear in the pool. 1 liter container.

            Price 19.45
            Antialgae maintenance GreTHE. 1 L.
            Ref. 76009

            Gre anti-algae prevents the appearance of algae in your pool. 1 L pot.

            Special for removable pools.

            Price 5.38
              Antialga Algakiller 1 L. of Crystalcare E301
              Ref. 19066

              The ultimate destroyer of algae. Eliminates all types of algae, including black ones. It is even very effective in removing black algae. E301

              Price 15.73
                By Algibon
                Ref. 200009

                Very effective product against algae, especially green ones. It does not produce foam, and also provides a bright and transparent color to the water.

                Price 15.66
                Stop green waters. Gre 90147
                Ref. 90147

                Recovers green water thanks to a new generation of water-soluble polymers.

                Supplied in boxes of 6 tablets of 20 gr.

                Old ref.: 27814.

                Price 14.08
                  LO-CHLOR POOL ALGAECIDE
                  Ref. 19186

                  Lo-Chlor algaecide. Quarterly use algaecide for the effective elimination and prevention of algae growth.

                  Price 16.69
                    Algiklean, Algicida especial para electrolisis salina de Piscimar
                    Ref. 200045

                    Double action product. Algaecide and brightener compatible and ideal for reinforcing "salt electrolysis" equipment. In 5 liter format. 200045

                    Price 59.50
                      Algicida con accion Floculante QP
                      Ref. 205305

                      Algaecide for elimination and prevention of algae with flocculant action. 5 L container.

                      Price 21.01
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