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    Active filters
    Clarifying Quimicamp Quimifloc PS liquid 20 L.
    Ref. 203720

    • Water clarifier.
    • With flocculant and precipitating action.
    • Does not change the pH of the water.
    • Supplied in 20L containers.

    Price 41.80
    Floculant Gel Monodosis AstralPool By Crystalblock
    Ref. 67558

    • Floculant gel monodosis of 90 g.
    It keeps the water crystal and pure.
    • Increases the efficiency of the filter.
    • Increases the effectiveness of the desinfectants.

    Price 7.00
      Floculant Claritab Tablets 20 gr. AstralPool
      Ref. 72769

      • Superconcentrated floculant tablets.
      • Clarify and clarify the pool water.
      • Reduce the consumption of disinfectants.
      • Supply a bottle with 5 tablets of 20 gr.

      Price 4.90
      Floculant in GRE cartridges. 1 kg .
      Ref. 76044

      • Floculant cartridges of 125 gr.
      • Helps clarify the pool water.
      Easy to use, it is placed in the skimmer basket.
      • Supply in boxes of 1 kg. with 8 cartridges.

      Price 8.99
        and Ultraflock. Floculating Monodosis Gre.
        Ref. UFG90

        • Floculant monodosis gel of easy application.
        • Group particles in suspension for rapid elimination.
        High clearing power.
        Presented in bloc of 90 g. valid for 60 m3

        Price 5.99
          Super clarifier ULTRA CLEAR, 1 L. PM-643. Piscimar.
          Ref. 201078

          Ultra Clear, super liquid polish, 1 L. PM-643, PISCIMAR.

          • Ultra fast action.

          • Eliminates dead algae biodegrading them.

          • Ideal for spas and heated pools.

          Price 28.50
          Liquid filtration GreTHE. 1 L.
          Ref. 76011

          GRE liquid flocculant, indicated to clarify water and eliminate suspended matter. It is special for pools with liner. 1 L pot.

          Price 5.69
            Crystal Clear "4 in 1." 500 c.c. bottle. Aqachemicals.
            Ref. 19077

            Product that clarifies the water in your spa, dissolves oils and fats, sequesters metals and salts and increases the efficiency of the filter.

            Price 4.95
              Crystalcare in 200gr pills. PF105
              Ref. 19105

              Flocculant in the form of tablets, to eliminate and prevent the turbidity of swimming pool water. The flocs it produces are retained by the filter and subsequently eliminated with backwashing.

              Price 18.15
                Goldenflok PM-613 of Piscimar 1 L pot.
                Ref. 200005

                Flocculant that removes fats, solar oils, organic matter, pollen... from the surface of the water by coagulation and subsequent removal by filtration. 200005

                Price 27.23
                Stop green waters. Gre 90147
                Ref. 90147

                Recovers green water thanks to a new generation of water-soluble polymers.

                Supplied in boxes of 6 tablets of 20 gr.

                Old ref.: 27814.

                Price 14.08
                Cartuchos de flocuante (Pack Floc ECO)
                Ref. 16281

                The Pack Floc ECO are cartridges of 125 gr. of fast action that provide a crystalline shine to the water, depositing the turbidity in the filter.

                Price 12.50
                  Crystal Clear "4 en 1"
                  Ref. 19079

                  Clarifying Crystal Clear "4 in 1" of 5 liters.

                  • 100% biodegradable natural clarifying agent.

                  • Removes oils, greases and dissolved metals.

                  • Improves filter efficiency.

                  • 5 liter container.

                  Price 35.00
                  Floculante liquido de 5 y 25 L.
                  Ref. 03117

                  The liquid flocculant improves the bacteriological quality of the water and consequently reduces the consumption of the products used in disinfection.

                  Price 23.99
                  Floculante liquido de 5 y 25 L.
                  Ref. 11388

                  The liquid flocculant clarifies the water, eliminating colloidal particles that cause cloudiness in the water.

                  Price 17.99
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