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Cl and ph Regulatory Pumps

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      The electromagnetic dosing bomb Seko BY RPR-603
      Ref. RPR603

      • Continuous or proportional dose.
      Maximum Caudal is 8 l/h.
      • Connection to PT100 for thermal compensation.
      On-Off entry for remote control.

      Price 419.00
      • Online only
      • On sale!
      MyPool DOS pH peristaltic dosing pump.
      Ref. 72698

      •PH injection peristaltic pump.
      •1.6 l/h flow to 1.5 bar.
      •Installation accessories included.
      •Easy programming by the user himself.

      Price 377.00
      • Online only
      AQR-FLO pH module kit. Probe, dosing and accessories. Hayward.
      Ref. B-OPTION-PH

      • Optional control module for chlorine Hayward.
      • Constant control of the pH level.
      • Easy installation and maintenance.

      Price 299.00
      • Online only
      KIT Double Automatic Level for Automatic Cl-pH Chlorator. by Bayrol
      Ref. 150080

      • It allows you to control the product levels in the bidons.
      • Notice of empty bidon with a message on the screen.
      • Extremely simple installation.

      Price 148.00
        Smart & Easy Connector Flow. by Bayrol.
        Ref. 150060

        • Facilitate the installation of Bayrol regulatory equipment.
        • Includes pH and redox surveys.
        • Includes fluid injectors.
        • Equipped with flow switch.

        Price 179.00
          Chlorine and Ph regulator Bayrol Automatic Cl-pH.
          Ref. 150200

          Measure and control the pH and chlorine levels of water.
          Easy to install and use with Smart&Easy technology.
          Menu for first launch.
          • Calibration of sondes by attachment key.
          • Autodiagnostic program.
          • Wifi connection.

          Price 1,095.00
          Pool Basic Evo pH control system
          Ref. SPHBASPA0013

          PH controller with pump included, which works as the perfect complement for saline chlorines.

          Price 415.01
          Redox control system + ph Pool Basic Double Evo 1.5 L.
          Ref. SPMBASPA0005

          For the control of the pH and the free chlorine with a single equipment through pH probe and measurement of the redox potential in the pool with digital screen equipped with peristaltic pumps for small private pool.

          Price 749.99
          Pool Basic Redox Control System
          Ref. SMVBASPA0003

          Controller with included dosing pump, which works as the perfect complement for saline chlorators.

          Price 380.00
            ph Regulator by Zodiac
            Ref. W500702

            The Zodiac pH Perfect automatic pH regulator has proportional dosing technology in order to automatically maintain an ideal pH for user comfort.

            Price 619.00
              AstralPool Optimal pH or Redox analyzer metering pump for swimming pools
              Ref. 57140

              The Optima series has a new power supply technology from 90Vac to 265Vac and 50-60Hz that will guarantee greater precision and adaptability of dosage without precedent.

              Price 550.00
                pH controller with peristaltic pump from Gre
                Ref. CPH14

                Gre 's pH controller with peristaltic pump, specially designed for in-ground pools, will automate the regulation of the pH of your pool, thus stabilizing the pH at the ideal value.

                Price 369.90
                  Control Basic pH 1,5 l/h Next de AstralPool
                  Ref. 66162

                  AstralPool 's Next control and dosage equipment is specifically designed for the automatic control of pH levels as well as Redox.

                  Price 335.00
                  Automatic pH regulator mod: Pure by AstralPool
                  Ref. 54047

                  Automatic system to control the pH of your pool by injection, for pools up to 200 m3. It incorporates an internal dosing pump of 2.4 l/h.

                  Price 1,098.99
                  Bomba dosificadora peristáltica MyPool pH de CTX
                  Ref. 57152

                  The MyPool peristaltic pump is ideal for pumping chemical products, because the fluid and thanks to its simplicity and advanced technology, have a low cost compared to other types of pumps, both in terms of manufacturing and maintenance.

                  Price 395.00
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