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Recambios Dolphin

Active filters
Kit 4 spring filter panels Dolphin IT'S CALLED 9991468-ASSY
Ref. 9991468-ASSY

• Kit consisting of 4 panels.
• Original replacement Dolphin.
• Filtration level of 90 microns.
• See the description of compatible floor cleaners.

Price 42.70
Protection fund Dolphin E35, E40i or M4
Ref. 9991794

Original replacement for floor cleaners Dolphin E35, E40i or M4.

Price 50.00
Floating cable 18 m with swivel, 3 threads, for cleaning funds Dolphin
Ref. 9995873DIY

• Cable for cleaning funds DolphinThe.Reference 9995873DIY
• Length of 18 m.with three threads.
Equipped with Swivel Anti-Tortion System.
• Valid for cleaning funds Dolphin and AstralPool.

Price 217.40
Fuente de alimetación Timer Bluetooth Dolphin 9995679-ASSY
Ref. 9995679-ASSY

Power source with timer, remote control receiver and Bluetooth
Compatible with robots with Bluetooth.
• Non-inclusive power supply.

Price 175.00
Kit 4 paneles filtración ultrafina Dolphin 9991467-ASSY
Ref. 9991467-ASSY

• Ultra-Fine Filtering 4 Panels Kit for Robot Cleaning Foods Dolphin.
• Specifically designed to retain fine and small impurities.
• Porosity of 15 microns.
• Original response Dolphin.

Price 95.70
Closing top cover for cleaning funds Dolphin E20, E25 and Seamaster AG
Ref. 99830772

• Closing top cleaning funds Dolphin E20, E25 and Seamaster AG.
Easy installation by the user.
• Original response Dolphin 100% .
The colour grey.

Price 15.97
Set of 4 spring filter panels Dolphin 9991463-ASSY
Ref. 9991463-ASSY

Kit of 4 spring filter panels Dolphin.
• Specially designed to retain large and medium-sized impurities.
Porosity level of 90 microns.
The original repost Dolphin.

Price 68.70
Feeding with Timer Dolphin 999578-SY
Ref. 9995678-ASSY

• Weekly feeding program.
• Full filter indicator on compatible cleaners.
• Power cable not included.

Price 185.00
3-pin plug for Dolphin pool cleaner motor cable connector
Ref. 9991279

Spare 3-pin plug for motor cable connector valid for Dolphin pool cleaners (Ref.9991279)

Price 9.92
Dolphin pool cleaner motor protection mesh
Ref. 6203703

Spare motor protection mesh valid for Dolphin pool cleaners (Ref.6203703):

Price 6.74
Bottom cover + Dolphin pool cleaner support
Ref. 9995550

Replacement filter bag valid for Dolphin pool cleaners (Ref.9995550):

Price 35.01
Dolphin pool cleaner filter bag clip
Ref. 9981430

Replacement filter bag clip for Dolphin pool cleaners (Ref.9981430):

Price 3.03
Foam roller "Magic" Dolphin pool cleaner
Ref. 6101610

Replacement foam roller "Magic" valid for Dolphin pool cleaners (Ref.6101610)

Price 100.60
Hélice + tornillo M3 limpiafondos Dolphin
Ref. 9995269

Replacement propeller + screw for Dolphin pool cleaner (Ref.9995269).

Price 3.15
Dolphin pool cleaner power supply connection plug
Ref. 5000009

Replacement plug for connection to power supply valid for Dolphin pool cleaners (Ref.5000009):

Price 26.02

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