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MAXI-PAW 1/2" - 3/4
Ref. 14397

Very resistant impact sprinkler intended for small and medium-sized residential and public automatic irrigation installations. These sprinklers are designed to work at low pressure and flow. This series is indicated to work with high yields in recycled water.

Price 30.20
Rain bird pop up sprinkler 3504 10 cm
Ref. 23242

Easy-to-use 1/2” (15/21) turbine sprinkler for short and medium range, making it suitable for residential applications. Adjusting the 3500 sprinkler is quick and easy using a simple flat blade screwdriver. The 2.0 nozzle is installed.

Price 13.25
KIT 10 PCS. Rain Bird US-415 diffuser 10CM + NOZZLE 15VAN.
Ref. P4101501

Rain Bird US-415 diffuser 10cm + nozzle 15van, kit 10 uts. Ref. P4101501

Price 27.50
Rain Bird Maxi-Paw 1/2" - 3/4 Pop-up Sprinkler
Ref. B0690008

Rain Bird Maxi-Paw Hammer Pop-up Sprinkler. Ref. B0690008

Price 30.20
Aquarium Pump 07 S 3M 0.37kW - 0.5cv MA (W/Boya)
Ref. 209078

Aquarium Pump 07 S 3M 0.37kW - 0.5cv MA (W/Boya). Ref. 209078

Price 422.00
Automatic system Pressdrive PDS05 3-75 230 hp
Ref. 204703

Pressdrive PDS05 3-75 230 hp automatic system. Ref. 204703

Price 270.00
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