Analysis Tires Aquachek Yellow pcloro, ph, total alcalinity and cianuric acid
Ref. 19121

Aquachek 4 in 1 test strips

• Measures levels of chlorine, pH, total alkalinity and cyanuric acid.

• Extremely easy to use

• Results by scale comparison.

Price 9.90
Pieza conectora de perfiles inferiores para piscinas 1,20 de altura Gre Ref. PIPCWP.

Connecting part of lower profiles for Gre pools. Ref. PIPCWP.

Price 5.81
Perfil superior flexible blanco 1440 mm. para piscinas Gre. Ref. PCF001440BP
Ref. PCF001440BP

Flexible top profile, white, 1440 mm. for Gre pools. Ref. PCF001440BP.

Price 11.50
Chemiclor PS 5 Effects, 250 grs tablets. 5 Kg. QUIMICAMP
Ref. 201805

Quimiclor 5 actions, tablets 250 g.

5 kg container.

CHEMICALAMP. Disinfectant, Algaecide, Flocculant, Anti-limescale, pH maintainer. Complete treatment for pools with very hard or difficult water.

Price 27.00
Tapeta antideslizante escalera Flexinos.
Ref. 87100110

Piece of non-slip black plastic material for Flexinox stairs.

Price 7.87
Goma antideslizante escalera Fiberpool.
Ref. RLAD0001.12R

Non-slip black rubber piece for Kripsol stairs.

Price 12.60
Alboral 10 tableta 5 Kg de Quimical
Ref. 201205

Product to carry out the perfect maintenance of the pool water. Presented in tablets of 250 grs. Packed in buckets of 5 kgs.

Price 34.99
Compuerta Skimmer bisagra Astralpool
Ref. 4402010101

Original replacement hinged gate for AstralPool skimmers for swimming pools. Ref. 4402010101.

Price 8.49
copy of
Ref. 1105106050

Chlorine 10 actions in tablets of 200 grs. Supplied in 5 kg containers. Tamar brand.

Price 34.90
Ref. 92400016

Saci Winner pump pre-filter basket replacement. Reference 9200016.

Price 19.90
Beach bath white curved area, swimming pools GreThe. and ref. BY PIN15P.
Ref. PIN15P

150 mm beach trim. wide for curved areas of oval pools and round pools Gre . White color.

Price 7.87
Chlorine 4 actions tablets 250 gr. without copper. 5 Kg. GRE 76012
Ref. 76012

Chlorine 4 actions tablets 250 gr. GRE's special copper-free liner is a compound presented in 250 gr. Indicated so that, in a single application in the pool water, it is possible to avoid the development of algae, keeping the water in our pool transparent and crystal clear.

Supplied in packages of 5 kgs.

Price 32.00
Pack 3 Aquachek Yellow analytical strips for chlorine, pH, alkalinity and cyanuric acid.
Ref. 19121X3

Pack 3 containers of analytical strips Aquachek 4 in 1

• Measures levels of chlorine, pH, total alkalinity and cyanuric acid.

• Extremely easy to use

• Results by scale comparison.

Price 33.88
Ref. 19112

LEAK SEALER leak sealant, 1 L.

• Seal small cracks.

• Suitable for all types of pools.

• It is not necessary to empty the pool.

• Can be used in tanks and pipes.

Price 37.00
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