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Skimmer piscinas prefabricadas Starpool
Ref. 07820R003

• Drive nozzle for removable swimming pools.
• Made from white cycolac.
• Includes watertight gaskets.
• Compatible with Ø 32 and 38 mm hoses.

Price 7.26
Hoses attachment kit Ø38 mm. Gre
Ref. AR509

• Kit 2 connectors connecting Ø38 mm hoses.
• Secure joints in the purification system.
• 100% original GRE material.

Price 19.59
Staircase Gre for high pools mod. AR11680
Ref. AR11680

Looking for a reliable and robust staircase for your elevated pool? No more search than the ladder Gre mod. AR11680. This staircase is made of stainless steel and has steps 2x4 plus a platform, which facilitates the entrance and exit of your pool. The ladder Gre mod. AR11680 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a safe and durable staircase for your elevated pool.

Price 365.00
Bicolor vacuum cleaner with brushes
Ref. 90403

Manual suction pool cleaner with side brushes for quick and economical maintenance of the pool, which speeds up and facilitates cleaning.

Price 25.00
Cleaning kit Medium Vac AR20637
Ref. AR20637

Suction pool cleaner kit Medium Vac AR20637 for the maintenance of self-supporting or elevated pools. Contains: a manual suction pool cleaner that includes two nozzles, one with a brush + 9 m hose + 6-section pole + 3 connection pieces. Ø32 connection.

Price 48.29
Connection hose 24 cm - Ø38 mm GreThe. and ref. of 60215.
Ref. 60215

Connection hose 24 cm - Ø38 mm. Ref. 60215.

Price 5.36
Connection hose 36 cm - Ø38 mm GreThe. and ref. of 60205.
Ref. 60205

Connection hose 36 cm - Ø38 mm. Ref. 60205.

Price 10.74
Connection hose 58 cm - Ø38 mm GreThe. and ref. of 60218.
Ref. 60218

Connection hose 58 cm - Ø38 mm. Ref. 60218.

Price 12.58
Sectionable hose in 1.0 meters Ø 32 mm

Roll of sectionable hose per meter. The diameter is 32mm. the price is for meter

Price 3.61
Deck winder for high pools Gre 40135
Ref. 40135

Roll up the isothermal cover of your removable pool in a simple way. This isothermal cover roller has been designed by Gre and consists of a crank to roll up the cover, supports that are screwed to the steel sheet of the pool and the metal tube where the cover will be rolled up.

Price 180.90
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