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      Skimmer piscinas prefabricadas Starpool
      Ref. 07820R0003

      • Drive nozzle for removable swimming pools.
      • Made from white cycolac.
      • Includes watertight gaskets.
      • Compatible with Ø 32 and 38 mm hoses.

      Price 7.26
        Astralpool Multiflow Impulsion Nozzle
        Ref. 24413

        Made of white ABS, they adapt to any type of pool. The discharge nozzles return the filtered and treated water to the pool. They incorporate the "Multiflow" system, which allows you to choose the diameter and therefore the flow of water that will pass through the nozzles.

        Price 5.93
          Suction nozzle for concrete pools
          Ref. 24415

          Suction nozzle (to connect pool cleaners) made of white or blue ABS, with 11/2" screw cap to be glued to a Ø 50 PN 10 pipe.

          Price 5.32
            AstralPool Parker model Multiflow delivery nozzle
            Ref. 06498

            Parker model Multiflow discharge nozzle formed with self-tapping screws for liner pools, it has a 2" external thread and a 50 mm internal thread.

            Price 14.41
              Multiflow delivery nozzle ext. thread 2" int. D50 prefabricated pool. Ref. 00334
              Ref. 00334

              Multiflow discharge nozzle with 2" external thread and internal Ø 50 mm glue. It is made of white ABS.

              Price 17.81
                AstralPool prefabricated pool suction nozzle Ref. 00336
                Ref. 00336

                Suction nozzle for prefabricated pools with a 2" external thread and a Ø 50 mm internal thread. It is made of white ABS and has a 1 1/2" screw cap.

                Price 13.93

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