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Leak sealer SB-POOL SEALER. 1 L
Ref. 74725

•Especially formulated to seal small leaks.
•Suitable for swimming pools, spas, wells, pipes, etc.
•Provided in 1 L bottles.

Price 57.00
AQUA-STOP, 1 L. PM-660. Piscimar.
Ref. 200048

AQUA-STOP. Leak stopper PM-660.

• Seals pores and small cracks.

• Miscible in water, solidifies on contact with air.

• 1 L container.

Price 29.00
CALFREE Anticalcareo Spacare bottle 0.5 L.
Ref. 19171

Special salts for treating spa water. Prevents calcareous encrustation and oxidation of the equipment, in the glass and pipes.

Price 4.83
Ion Magnetic 1.20 Kg container
Ref. 200013

Sequestrant of calcium, iron and magnesium. It is stable to chlorine so its effect is long lasting.

Price 29.50
Belcica hardness booster. Crystalcare 5 Kgs.
Ref. 19100

Calcium hardness increaser in swimming pool water.

• Increases calcium levels in the water.

• essential when calcium levels are below 200 ppm.

• Granulated product for better dissolution.

• Supplied in a 5 kg container.

Price 26.00
Alkaliplus Crystalcare Alkainity Increaser 25 Kgs.
Ref. PH325

Granulated product to increase the alkalinity of swimming pool water, in cases where it is below 125 ppm. It is recommended for proper water treatment, thus preventing pH imbalances from occurring.

Price 45.00
Antislip. Anti-slip pools and wet areas
Ref. E165

Non-slip primer, anti-slip, for swimming pool surroundings and wet areas in general. It can even be applied on vitrified surfaces and pool tiles, after applying the stripper.

5 liter container.

Price 130.00
Ref. 19112

LEAK SEALER leak sealant, 1 L.

• Seal small cracks.

• Suitable for all types of pools.

• It is not necessary to empty the pool.

• Can be used in tanks and pipes.

Price 37.00
Eliminador de metales sueltos no more metal
Ref. 19320

No More Metal, sequestrant of metals dissolved in water.

Lo-chlor brand. Supplied in 1 liter containers.

Distributed by Aqa Chemical under code E950.

Price 34.00
Evita la incrustaciones calcareas y la corrosión en sistema de agua de aqaphos
Ref. 19095

Additive for sodium hypochloride. Prevents breakdowns due to the accumulation of calcareous deposits in the injectors and metering pumps.

Price 19.57
Ref. 34200

Water lily is a selective absorbent of substances and residues present on the surface of the pool water that prevents the appearance of the dark waterline on the walls and inside the skimmer.

Price 15.50
Fast Down. 1 Kg. Insect remover.
Ref. 201080

Avoid the presence of insects in the pool water. The insects cannot support themselves in the water without breathing underwater and fall to the bottom of the pool. Employment dose: 0.5 l / 100 m3. 201080

Price 26.27
Ref. 19315

The only product capable of removing stains that occur in fiberglass pools due to cobalt osmosis.

Price 45.98
Ref. 19318

Multi-Stain Remover metallic stain cleaner in swimming pools. Lo-chlor brand.

It is supplied in packages of 1 Kg.

Distributed by Aqa Chemical under code E970.

Price 28.04
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